GE Monogram Wall Oven Common Error Codes and How To Fix

June 2, 2022

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The GE Monogram has made its way in providing top-of-the-line kitchen appliances like the Wall oven. Different designs and features will make your cooking more precise and ensure that the food will be properly cooked using the appliance. It is also a great way to conveniently cook any meal using your GE Monogram Wall Oven. You can also find out more through the GE Monogram Wall Oven FAQ.For exceptional and affordable GE Monogram appliance repair service, call GE Monogram Repair Expert today!

However, you might experience some issues when using the wall oven at some point in its lifespan. Some of the issues might be due to faulty parts or improper maintenance. If you happen to face a problem with your GE Monogram wall oven, you may do some troubleshooting by following the steps in the user manual. Otherwise, you may seek the assistance of professional Wall oven repair services.

GE Monogram Repair Expert in Whittier provides complete repair services for your appliance. The company has been in service for many years and has assisted several households in their wall oven repair needs. With a team of licensed and expertly trained repair technicians. A thorough diagnosis will help identify the main cause of the problem and proceed to apply the right solution to it. The error codes that you might see on your wall oven are also a great help in determining the problem with the appliance. The team only uses high-end tools and equipment to ensure proper repair of your wall oven and to have it working in no time.

When it comes to the GE Monogram error codes, these are your indication to let you know that the appliance is experiencing some issues. These error codes can help you diagnose the problem with your wall oven. Here are some of the common error codes and how to handle them.

F0, F1 or F7 – Stuck or Defective Button or the Key Pad

Push the Clear/Off pad. Shut off the oven’s power, disconnect the flat ribbon connector from its electronic oven control board and restore the electrical power. If the code reappears for about 30 seconds, replace the electronic oven control board. If the code doesn’t reappear, you will need to replace the key panel.

F2 – Oven Temperature Condition Detected

If the oven is overheated, the electronic oven control board likely has stuck a relay. Replace the electronic control board. If the oven is at room temperature, the temperature sensor could be defective. Disconnect the oven’s power and measure the oven temperature sensor resistance using a volt/ohm meter.

Don’t put off getting your GE Monogram units repaired to avoid further damages. Contact GE Monogram Repair Expert today!

F3 or F4 – Oven Temperature Sensor is Defective 

Disconnect the electrical power supply to the appliance. Measure the oven temperature sensor resistance using the volt/ohm meter. If it shows that the resistance is not 1080 ohms at 70, replace the oven temperature sensor. Replace the oven temperature wire harness if damaged. If the oven temperature sensor and wire harness are working, replace the electronic oven control board.

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If you happen to encounter some issues with the appliance, it is vital to get it fixed right away to prevent further issues. You can call GE Monogram Repair Expert to assist you.

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