What Causes GE Monogram Ice Dispenser to Dispense More Ice

June 16, 2022

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GE Monogram produces quality kitchen appliances such as the GE Monogram Ice dispenser. Your ice dispenser is considered an advantage, especially during summer. You can also choose different dispensers, such as a Monogram built-in bottom refrigerator

However, like any other appliance you have at home, you may also experience some problems in using the appliance. When your ice dispenser is not working, several factors can cause the issue. To find out what causes the problem, don’t hesitate to call for a “Refrigerator repair near me.”For exceptional and affordable GE Monogram appliance repair service, call GE Monogram Repair Expert today!

GE Monogram Repair Expert in Kent is your trusted repair service company in the area for GE Monogram appliances. A team of professionally trained repair technicians with years of experience providing quality repair services. No matter what causes the problem with your Monogram appliance, a thorough diagnosis will be made to help identify the main cause, and this will also help to apply the best solution to it.

At some point with your GE Monogram ice dispenser, you may notice that it overflows with ice compared to a standard one. The most common reason for this is that the water pressure is too low. A defective valve may happen or a problem related to the ice chute. If the ice dispenser is overflowing, this is an indication that the refrigerator is producing ice when it is not supposed to happen. The unit should have a sensor that tells the rest of the system when the ice dispenser is full. When this happens, the water flow valve should be stopped. This will help to prevent the ice dispenser from producing ice.

If you find your GE Monogram ice dispenser produces too much ice, there are several reasons why this happens.

Ice Bin/ Ice Bucket

Check the bucket or bin and ensure it properly sits in the unit under the machine. If it is even slightly out of place or too far, the ice maker won’t be able to detect if it is full, and as a result, it will keep producing ice.

Feeler Arm

It is also possible that something is wrong with the feeler arm, which acts as a sensor for the ice dispenser. If the arm is broken, the ice maker cannot know if the bucket or bin is full. 

Low Water Pressure

You might notice that the pressure is a bit low. If you have low water pressure throughout the household, this can also impact your ice dispenser. The water inlet valve needs at least 20 PSI to work properly.

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Defective Water Inlet Valve

Another common reason for the ice dispenser overflowing is a defective water inlet valve. If you find that the water pressure is normal, the next location that you need to check is the water inlet valve. 

There are different possible reasons why your GE Monogram ice dispenser makes more ice than the standard. If this happens, immediately have this checked and fix it.

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